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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Societesh !!

What was that ?!
Its a word created by me! yes, by me,
I like to convert words to match what I feel towards the behavior followed
by others when they deal with their societies ..

So, Societesh is (society+tesh) and (tesh) is the sound you hear when you put
an extremely hot bar or a burning thing into water, It (teshes) normally as
an objection to putting it off in a sudden way !

Human copy of that is (ouch).

When someone in any society cracks the common behavior they follow,
 this someone teshes soon the society objects to what he has don, specially
 when he insists to keep his wrongly deeds.

From there misdeeds and crimes start as a result of the sudden put off, 
If we put that off gradually, there will be no teshing, but smoothly washing
the wrong away..

Allah (God) created human race and made him - mostly - jump ahead
wanting to see the result of his action soonest, while, any result will go
-firmly- according to the natures routine.

So, don’t make your son or any other member of family or society(teshs),
but go smoothly with him and wait for his built-in routine to work out..

Thanks 4 your time& comment