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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

How do we speak (pronounce)?

  How do we speak (pronounce)?
In theory we talk by speaking, and speak by pronouncing deferent letters. That is a fact, at least to me, but how does that happen?
We play a continues tone from the back of the mouth, then break it with other parts of the mouth, like , tongue, teeth, lips, back of the mouth, this gives the deferent sounds of deferent letters.
But, sense all human races came from one human, that was, Adam, why now we have thousands of languages? While our ancestors spoke only one? And what was that language?
If you know why, please share that knowledge with us, if you dont, just wait for someone to  do so.


Saturday, November 12, 2011

Lies we believe

Lies, we believe.

Most of us talk about lies that most people hate. But, those, most who believe bigger lies, that we see almost, daily, or we study through our school-hood.
Politics, we hear about daily, news, stories or points of views, are black faces of many other ones that politics appear to us with ! The other twin of politics is history, that we teach our generations in schools. I dont see any chance to believe any of that.
Politicians lie, Historians lie, how can we live with or believe any of those? We know politicians want us to vote! But, what do the historians want from us? May be they want us to read! And believe, otherwise we wont pass !!!
Human race is ruled by lies.