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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Lies we believe

Lies, we believe.

Most of us talk about lies that most people hate. But, those, most who believe bigger lies, that we see almost, daily, or we study through our school-hood.
Politics, we hear about daily, news, stories or points of views, are black faces of many other ones that politics appear to us with ! The other twin of politics is history, that we teach our generations in schools. I dont see any chance to believe any of that.
Politicians lie, Historians lie, how can we live with or believe any of those? We know politicians want us to vote! But, what do the historians want from us? May be they want us to read! And believe, otherwise we wont pass !!!
Human race is ruled by lies. 


  1. Hello Jar,

    you've written a topic on which we rarely think or discuss !
    They say, "A lie told once remains a lie but a lie told a thousand times becomes the truth"...

    Either in schools or in politics, they teach us or tell us the same thing repeatedly to make us believe it.

    A thoughtful topic ! :)

  2. Me and my blog are honored by your visit kitty,
    Yes, it is a fact, we have been taught to believe lies, even we don’t follow them !
    Globally, power dictates what people should consider true, while they know it is not !

    Thanks kitty,
    are you hibernating these days ?
    Just kidding..

  3. hahaha...yeah a kind of hibernating, you can say so! :-)
    Nothing striking my mind these days to penn down, may be my mind has gone to hibernation ! LOL :))

  4. Wa alaikum asslam,

    Thank you Inspector for your visit
    and nice complement ..

  5. مرحبا جار سهيل

    This is another deep subject.

    The first problem we face on Earth is the need to accept there is a strange invisible sign etched in the front of each one of us.

    We cannot understand the meaning of that sign, and only find some clues when we observe human behavior through ages!

    There are many ways to explain why we live in a sea of lies. Sometimes, we try to show that human nature is fallen from grace, other times we "feel" we are descendants from a race whose first people had to develop a kind of chronic pretense to survive and that ended in creating the need to lie in our nature.

    Be what it may, we are professional liars since the beginning and it is proven there is no need to teach us to lie!

    Human race is ruled by lies, and that is not a surprise since we are all liars, even in our most truer moments, we may be lying to ourselves and the world.

    I have not explanation for this trait but I am sure that somewhere in history happened an event that made us, as a race, the way we are. And, in some cases, as politicians, historians, et al, we enhanced this condition searching some advantage, which is the primordial reason of a lie.

    I guess that when we learn to silence the inner voice that makes us feel insecure, and could open our fists in an open hand, we will defeat lie and its dominion!

    1. Hi untony,
      I like your way of handling the subject,
      I like to add that historians are writing what they were told to write,not the fact , but only what make the winners feel&look happy..
      That also the case withe all the media

      thanks 4 being here

  6. Hi my new friend,
    must admit you ,that you are my the very first friend from Saudi Arabia.I like what i read here,you are very good writer and your grammar and language and sentence are so nice.
    I added you URL at my blog!
    Hope we both will enjoy in reading each other posts!
    Have a nice day!

    1. Happy to see you here Ninni Estera,
      Thanks for your complement & sweet comment,
      Sure we will

      happy blogging

  7. Hello Jar s hail,
    my real name is Raul, strangely enough I was just talking about this very subject on a website and was thrown out!! I believe we have been lied to since day one, I live in the United States, however I am Puerto Rican, it took me a long time to figure this whole thing out because they majority of the people have these things stuck in there and if you rock the boat, your an outcast. I would say more however I don't want to get thrown out of this forum also. Take care and it was a pleasure to meet you and read your interesting facts.

    1. Hi echo1951,
      you are most welcome here any time to share good thoughts,I don’t throw good guys,
      it is also my pleasure having you as a sharing friend..

      see you around

  8. nice blog... keep the post coming

    1. Thanks tetaron, for the visit
      and complement..nice to see you

  9. I don't think human rules by lies. There is truth out there, we just not find it yet.

    1. I like your smile Dipo,
      we did not mean all humans,
      we meant only those who lie to rule !!

      You are rite Truth is always there, but it is always covered with lies !!

      thanks for your smile and comment