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Friday, September 28, 2012

Chicken MENDI

طريقة عمل مندي الدجاج
 chicken rice using electric pressure cooker 
we call it Mandi

This cooker consists of 2 parts, the cooker itself and the basket that we use for placing the chicken & rice. 

تجهيز الدجاج
 preparing chicken 

الشبك يتسع إلى 10 حبات دجاج كبيرة الحجم (700-1000غ)
the basket can take 10 pieces of chicken(700-1000g)

يغسل الدجاج ثم يوضع على السلة ويترك حتى يصفى من الماء
clean the chicken and let it drain aside

بعدها نقوم برش الملح على الدجاج حبة حبة حتى يصل الملح إلى جميع أجزائه
rub chicken with salt (one by one) to cover it completely  

جهز تتبيلة الدجاج وهي عبارة عن بهارات مشكلة مع كمية من صلصة الطماط
  prepare the spices mix(your taste), with tomato past

 يغسل الدجاج لتخليصه من الملح الزائد
rinse the chicken to remove extra salt 

يتبل الدجاج بخلطة التتبيله حبة حبة
marinate chicken with the spices mix thoroughly,
again one by one..  

تجهيز الرز
preparing rice

عادة تقاس كمية الرز بكأس لكل شخص
normally one cup of rice for each person

يغسل الرز فقط ولا ينقع ويوضع في المصفاة حتى يصفى من الماء
 rinse the rice, and drain it immediately 

خلطة الرز

وهي كمية مناسبة من البصل والطماطم يضاف إليها كمية مناسبة من 
الزيت والبهارات والملح والحبحر حسب الرغبة ويمكن إضافة الماجي
chopped onions , tomato and some spices to your taste  you can also add, pepper if you like.. 

يحمس البصل والطماطم وتضاف له البهارات حسب الرغبة
toast the onions, tomato using the cooking pot,
when it becomes golden, add spices.

يمكن إضافة الجزر المبشور حسب الرغبة
you can also add sliced carrots 

يتم إضافة الماء بمقدار كأس وربع لكل كأس من الرز
add water, 1,1/4 cup for each cup of rice

أما إذا كانت كمية الدجاج قليلة فيكون كأس ونصف من الماء لكل كأس من الرز
if you are using less chicken, then add 1,1/2 cup of water
for each cup of rice.

 يوضع القدر على النار قليلاً ولا يلزم غليانه ثم يضاف الرز ويقلب ثم يرفع عن النار
now, you have the water and the extra’s in cooking pot,
place on a stove, soon it boils, add rice and stir,, then remove it,, 

يتم إضافة الفلفل الأحمر أو الأخضر حسب الرغبة
add pepper, if you like,,

يوضع القدر في أسفل السلة ويقفل المشبك الخاص بالقدر حتى لا يخرج من مكانه
place the cooking pot low in the basket  & secure it so it does not move or fall..

تكون السلة جاهزة لصف الدجاج فيها
now the upper basket is ready

يصف الدجاج في أعلى السلة
arrange chicken,,

شغل البرميل وضع درجة الحرارة على200 درجة مئوية لمدة 3-5 دقائق حتى يسخن
plug the electric cooker, turn the nob to 200 c for 3-5  minutes to warm up,,
بعد 5 دقائق يكون البرميل جاهزاً لوضع السلة فيه
remove the cover carefully and
place the basket down inside the cooker,, 

نحضر قماش الغطاء ونقوم بتبليله بالماء ونلفه حول الغطاء
bring a piece of wet cloth or a towel and round it on the cookers cover 
ثم نقوم بتغطية البرميل وقفله بمقبض إحكام الغطاء
place the cover and close it tightly ,,

نقوم بوضع مفتاح درجة الحرارة على 180 درجة مئوية
turn the temperature to 180 c
ومفتاح المؤقت على 80 دقيقة أي ساعة وعشرون دقيقة
place the timer on 80 minutes
إذا كانت كمية الدجاج أقل من 3 حبات يوضع المؤقت على 60 دقيه فقط
if you have used 3 or less chicken, use 60 c 

مع مرور الوقت سوف نلاحظ خروج البخار عبر الغطاء وهذا أمر طبيعي وكذلك لمبة المؤشر تنطفئ وتشتعل حسب درجة الحرارة المختارة
with time steam will come out through the cover, light will flash ,, it’s ok, it will go off once time is over..

بعد ان ينطفئ الجهاز 
يترك الغطاء محكم لمدة 10 إلى 15 دقيقة حتى ينضج المندي
after the cooker goes off, don’t open it, let it cook for 10-15 minutes..

إفتح القفل وإرفع الغطاء بحذر حتى يخرج البخار تدريجياً
unlock&open the cover carefully so that steam comes out 
gradually ..

إستخدم القفاز لرفع السلة بحذر
use a glove to lift the basket carefully..

يتم إخراج القدر بحذر من أسفل السلة
take the rice pot out carefully from basket..

يغرف الطعام على صحن كبير أو يوزع على صحون صغيرة

serve rice in a plate, normally, we use round plates..
top the rice with golden chicken,,

and... Besmillah

If you don’t have an electric cooker, you can use a metal barrel  
similar size and using firewood after its flame goes away,
then place the basket there..

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Tricky lady driver

I just found this in my mail, so I thought to share it with you.
I have nothing to do with it ,,, So .. peace 
A  mature (over 70) lady gets pulled over for  speeding...

Older  Woman:  Is there a problem, Officer?   Officer:  Ma'am, you were speeding. 
Older  Woman:  Oh, I see. 
Officer:  Can I see your license please? 
Older  Woman:  I'd give it to you but I don't have one.  
Officer:  Don't have one? 
Older  Woman:  Lost it, 4 years ago for drunk driving.  
Officer:  I see...Can I see your vehicle registration papers please.  
Older  Woman:  I can't do that. 
Officer:  Why not? 
Older  Woman:  I stole this car. 
Officer:  Stole it? 
Older  Woman:  Yes, and I killed and hacked up the  owner. 

Officer:  You what? 
Older  Woman:  His body parts are in plastic bags in the trunk if you want to see  
The Officer looks at the  woman and slowly backs away to his car and calls for back up.
  Within minutes 5 police cars circle the car. A senior officer  slowly approaches the car,
 clasping his half drawn gun.  
Officer  2:  Ma'am, could you step out of your vehicle  please! The  woman steps out of her vehicle.  
Older  woman:  Is there a problem sir? 
Officer  2:  One of my officers told me that you have stolen this car and  murdered the owner. 
Older  Woman:  Murdered the owner?  
Officer  2:  Yes, could you please open the trunk of your car,  please. 
The  woman opens the trunk, revealing nothing but an empty  trunk.  
Officer  2:  Is this your car, ma'am? 
Older  Woman:  Yes, here are the registration papers. 
The officer is quite  stunned.
Officer  2:  One of my officers claims that you do not have a driving license.  

The woman digs into her handbag and pulls out a clutch  purse and hands it to the officer. 

The officer examines the  license. He looks quite puzzled.  
Officer  2:  Thank you ma'am, one of my officers told me you didn't have a  license, that you stole this car, and that you murdered and hacked  up the owner. 
Older  Woman:  Bet the liar told you I was speeding,  too. 

Don't  Mess With Mature Ladies If  you want to brighten someone's day, pass this on to someone you  know & that U Like em to enjoy this Funny Story .
I  just did!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Live, If You are Alive

I asked one of my friends about, HOW TO AVOID life difficulties?
His answer was : Live , If You are Alive !!

Most of us tend to become sick of life when they meet a difficulty ! why ?
they are so week inside, that they cant deal with life if there were difficulties ,short sighted to see both sides of it .. It is well known to straight humans that , good and bad have to be beside each other , so to recognize which is which.
Only life and death , you can’t see them both together !
If you are alive, you can’t see death, if you die, no way to see life to compare ..
So, let life go and be in it, however it goes .. 
be like a soldier in a cross fire field, try to pass it with least injuries..

If you are alive, you have to live, regardless how ! if you have a choice, take it, if you don’t, forget about choices and go on .. don’t sit back and wait for the END.

I’m 63, but, I’m not waiting for death,
death is following me, I’ll just keep going,

If you don’t enjoy life, for sure, You are not going to enjoy death.. 

by the way, Death is the End of Life, If you don’t know !!

happy to see you here (alive)..

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Societesh !!

What was that ?!
Its a word created by me! yes, by me,
I like to convert words to match what I feel towards the behavior followed
by others when they deal with their societies ..

So, Societesh is (society+tesh) and (tesh) is the sound you hear when you put
an extremely hot bar or a burning thing into water, It (teshes) normally as
an objection to putting it off in a sudden way !

Human copy of that is (ouch).

When someone in any society cracks the common behavior they follow,
 this someone teshes soon the society objects to what he has don, specially
 when he insists to keep his wrongly deeds.

From there misdeeds and crimes start as a result of the sudden put off, 
If we put that off gradually, there will be no teshing, but smoothly washing
the wrong away..

Allah (God) created human race and made him - mostly - jump ahead
wanting to see the result of his action soonest, while, any result will go
-firmly- according to the natures routine.

So, don’t make your son or any other member of family or society(teshs),
but go smoothly with him and wait for his built-in routine to work out..

Thanks 4 your time& comment

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

How do we speak (pronounce)?

  How do we speak (pronounce)?
In theory we talk by speaking, and speak by pronouncing deferent letters. That is a fact, at least to me, but how does that happen?
We play a continues tone from the back of the mouth, then break it with other parts of the mouth, like , tongue, teeth, lips, back of the mouth, this gives the deferent sounds of deferent letters.
But, sense all human races came from one human, that was, Adam, why now we have thousands of languages? While our ancestors spoke only one? And what was that language?
If you know why, please share that knowledge with us, if you dont, just wait for someone to  do so.


Saturday, November 12, 2011

Lies we believe

Lies, we believe.

Most of us talk about lies that most people hate. But, those, most who believe bigger lies, that we see almost, daily, or we study through our school-hood.
Politics, we hear about daily, news, stories or points of views, are black faces of many other ones that politics appear to us with ! The other twin of politics is history, that we teach our generations in schools. I dont see any chance to believe any of that.
Politicians lie, Historians lie, how can we live with or believe any of those? We know politicians want us to vote! But, what do the historians want from us? May be they want us to read! And believe, otherwise we wont pass !!!
Human race is ruled by lies. 

Friday, October 28, 2011

From my Small Farm

This flower has grown in my farm by itself, but the beautiful 
thing in it is the chandelier look of it ...

This is the food , I grow for my collection of animals I
have here..

Green onions, I love it so much ..

Thorny figs , they grow wildly here..

Figs flower, So yellow , So beautiful ..

closeup of Fig flower..

This flower is of a wild spicy plant called (Bisbas),
 eatable & tasty, with spicy feel ..

Pomegranate tree, one of the best I have ..

a closeup of my chandelier flower..

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