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Friday, October 28, 2011

From my Small Farm

This flower has grown in my farm by itself, but the beautiful 
thing in it is the chandelier look of it ...

This is the food , I grow for my collection of animals I
have here..

Green onions, I love it so much ..

Thorny figs , they grow wildly here..

Figs flower, So yellow , So beautiful ..

closeup of Fig flower..

This flower is of a wild spicy plant called (Bisbas),
 eatable & tasty, with spicy feel ..

Pomegranate tree, one of the best I have ..

a closeup of my chandelier flower..

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  1. beautiful flowers and plants in your lovely farm. I love gardening too ! you've nice n tastes and interesting hobbies :)
    I've never seen few plants, nice information...
    Thanks for sharing ! :)

  2. Welcome to my addohan blog kitty,
    I appreciate seeing you around, it makes me feel
    like going on blogging , so; thanks a lot..
    for the visit and encouraging comment ..

  3. Oh, these pink chandelier flowers are so beautiful! Thanks for a lovely little tour to your farm! ;) What animals do you have there?
    Love gardening too!
    P.S. Thank you for following my blogs, you are always welcome!

    1. Hi Zara,
      Nice to see you here,
      I have wild rabbits, desert lizards, goats, sheep, camels,pigeons, Jaculus,Hedgehogs, ducks, hens,
      and other things that I enjoy the company with..

      thanks for being her

  4. Wow i see you like nature a lot, the way you describe the flowers pictures is cute. Thanks for the share Jar :) Very nice farm :)

    1. So nice of you commenting here,
      pleased of your visit and sweet comment..

      be back

  5. Thanks for being here , nithin km
    nice to see you,