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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Live, If You are Alive

I asked one of my friends about, HOW TO AVOID life difficulties?
His answer was : Live , If You are Alive !!

Most of us tend to become sick of life when they meet a difficulty ! why ?
they are so week inside, that they cant deal with life if there were difficulties ,short sighted to see both sides of it .. It is well known to straight humans that , good and bad have to be beside each other , so to recognize which is which.
Only life and death , you can’t see them both together !
If you are alive, you can’t see death, if you die, no way to see life to compare ..
So, let life go and be in it, however it goes .. 
be like a soldier in a cross fire field, try to pass it with least injuries..

If you are alive, you have to live, regardless how ! if you have a choice, take it, if you don’t, forget about choices and go on .. don’t sit back and wait for the END.

I’m 63, but, I’m not waiting for death,
death is following me, I’ll just keep going,

If you don’t enjoy life, for sure, You are not going to enjoy death.. 

by the way, Death is the End of Life, If you don’t know !!

happy to see you here (alive)..


  1. Facing difficulties in life makes ME stronger...

  2. Thanks Astrid,

    You are right, difficulties&success are faces of one coin..
    First one pushes you to the second..

    thanks again for being here