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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Memoirs +

This photo is more than 32 years old
The guy holding the baby is my late younger
brother who was killed while protecting a bank branch
he was it’s manager ..
The baby is my son, who is now an electrical engineer..

I caught this (desert)reptile 8 years ago, now they are
about 10 living here in my small farm

This little boy is my nephew , who is now a professor
 of Hi-tech at the university of petroleum in Saudi Arabia


  1. Sweet touching memories always make us a bit emotional. We always love to treasure memories in the form of things like pic and other things.
    So nice to see your family members pics. I often check out our family's old pics it feels great and takes us to our olden times!

    Thanks for sharing !
    love to check out more from you :)

  2. Your words are bushing the best ,,
    Thanks , kitty , nothing else could do or enough for you

  3. i love looking at old pictures. Thanks for sharing with us. Mashallah on your son and nephew. May Allah forgive your brother and give him the highest of jannah ameen

    1. wish the same my sister,
      thanks for the visit and
      your nice comment,,

      see here sometime