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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Respect lesson

a baby cat kissing the forehead of it’s mother

We, Humans ought to respect the elderly , with priority
for our parents . are we doing it ? I’m not sure of that !

But nature tells us that animals are the ideal for humans
to see how respect is don , the above  photo shows how
a baby cat proving respect to it’s mom , by kissing it’s 
forehead ..

Do we , humans understand ?


  1. So cute! such an adorable :)
    Yes, we can learn so many things from animals just by observing them silently.:)
    nice pic and great motivational words from you!

  2. addohan is lucky by 2 comments by, kitty.
    Thanks a lot kitty for the real following
    and encouragement.
    but till me, why you are not so active at your blog these days?

  3. Wow,I really love this dude, your message is just great and motivational. Keep it up! :)

    Thanks for the add and for following me, im doing the same :) blessings and good luck in everything you do! =)

  4. I wish all humans had the ability to observe and understand animals, because we have so much to learn from them. We have one cat and two dogs, which I never get tired of observing and learning from.
    From today I'm following you on Blogger as well.
    Great blog, keep it up!